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Why Did We Reinvent the Best Biodegradable Toothbrush On the Market?

Jun 23, 2022

Many of our loyal customers have been wondering “What happened to the Original Brush?”. We wanted to clear up the confusion and put our favorite people at ease again by giving you all the details on the new and improved Original Brush.

Rest easy, we didn’t discontinue our crowd-pleasing toothbrush. The Original Toothbrush is still here, only better! (We loved it as much as you!) BUT we did make a few tweaks to improve its overall function. 

Because, here at RADIUS “good enough” is never good enough, so we decided to give our Original Toothbrush an upgrade!

It’s improved, completely original, and still perfect for you.  

Surprised me!!
I've used RADIUS toothbrushes for almost 30 years and was quite disappointed when they announced the "Original " was no longer being made. After a while, I decided to give the new model with replaceable heads a try. I like this new model more than the original - it just feels great! I'm heading for 40 years as a customer now.”
-W. Loweth

 Evolution of the Big Brush

In 1983 – the Original Toothbrush was born– ready to help heal the planet and brighten smiles everywhere. It’s unique and universally loved design was made from a plant-based resin and renewable cellulose– which made our planet and landfills pretty excited. The single piece design was perfect for leftys, rightys, and those hard to reach back teeth. 

Sure, Original Brush was turning heads and improving smiles – but we knew we could do better.

After years of taking into account the awesome feedback from our loyal customers, Kevin Foley, our beloved founder, redesigned the Original Brush. Throughout the years, we have thoughtfully continued our innovative designs and maintained our vision– one upgrade at a time.  

In 2019, the reinvented “Original” Toothbrush– now known as the Big Brush with Replaceable Head officially jumped on the scene. This USA made, biodegradable toothbrush took on it’s new role seriously by shrinking landfills and growing healthy smiles.

What’s So Different About The New Big Brush?

The Original Brush is still here at it’s core – we just changed the name to the “Big Brush” and improved it. (You’re going to love it so much more!) 

We started out by taking what was already there and making it better.

First, we lengthened the neck by a few millimeters to better clean those annoying hard-to-reach places. (Because we all know when you start neglecting those back molars – crowns and root canals start popping up!) 

Then we worked on the bristles. We made the bio-based nylon bristles thinner and put more of them in there for a better clean. We also thinned out the bristle bed, giving you a gentler more efficient brushing experience… without all the extra hard plastic knocking into your gums.

Our favorite upgrade was the replacement head. The wide oval brush replacement head gently massages your whole mouth leaving you with a fresh clean and the landfills empty. You can choose between a smaller or bigger replacement brush head to fit your amazing smile. 

These small improvements are a big deal. When you replace your standard toothbrush with the Big Brush, you'll get a better, more efficient clean for your teeth and gums with every brush.

Added bonus: our supersized, gum-massaging design, can even reduce the risk of gum and heart disease!

Pair your landfill-friendly replacement toothbrush head with our Source Brush or Big Brush today! 

Overview of the Game-Changing Improvements

  • Elongated neck
        • It’s time to finally tackle those hard-to-reach spots
  • Thinner bristle bed and improved bristle layout
        • Massaging bio-based nylon bristles for a gentler more efficient brushing experience
      • Supersized Replacement head 
        • Reduces waste by 93% 
        • It saves 9 out of 10 toothbrushes from going to landfill – Oh yeah, be that hero – we’ll get your cape. 
      • Ergonomic friendly handle
        • Are you a lefty or righty? We have just the handle you need – because everyone deserves a luxurious clean.
  • Landfill biodegradable additive
      • Also known as EcoPure. It's an organic additive added to the production process, so the product will break down much more quickly in a landfill if it does end up there!
    “Best Manual Toothbrush
    The Radius toothbrush has a plethora of bristles. This makes it much more effective in cleaning your teeth, not to mention your gums. Plus the bristles last a lot longer than the "old-fashioned" toothbrushes. I find that with a brisk brushing with a Radius toothbrush my teeth feel as clean and refreshed as they do when I use an electric toothbrush.”
    -H. Rothrock

    Thousand of customers trusted our instincts and fell in love with the Big Brush. We know you will too!

    Now available in seven out of this world colors:

    • Soda Pop Eco Grind
    • Midnight Sky
    • Purple Galaxy
    • White Marble
    • Gold Satin
    • Seashell Coral
    • Ice

     Can’t decide on just one? Grab the assorted pack and spread the happy planet, healthy smile vibes with your family or friends!

    I LOVE this brush and have been using it for DECADES! The addition of the replaceable head along with sustainable and recyclable materials make this product THE BEST in the market!” -C.M.A

    Going Green with the Improved Big Brush

    Although most try their best to utilize recycling – 99% of toothbrushes still end up in landfills. To our surprise, toothbrushes made from bamboo, recycled plastic, bio-plastic, and regular petroleum-based plastic are still overflowing in our crowed landfills. It can take decades for them to fully decompose!  

    With the new RADIUS Big Brush, consumers can now save 91% of the toothbrush with each use! If each consumer switched to Big Brush, there would be 30 million less toothbrushes in landfills each year. (That’s a lot...)

    “Great toothbrush!
    I've been using these for years. Every other toothbrush pales in comparison for effectiveness. Good to be able to change out just the heads, making it much more environmentally efficient.” D. Washam
     Our eco-friendly toothbrushes are designed to last longer than the average toothbrush –  3x longer. 

    This is great because our handles are something you’ll want to hang on to. Our landfill biodegradable toothbrush handles are made from plant-based plastic– sourced from renewable resource timber. Each RADIUS toothbrush is 100% recyclable and 100% landfill biodegradable. 

    We already know you’ll want your Forever Brush around…well, forever. So don't forget to grab a few replacement heads for your bright journey ahead!

    We were on a mission to produce 100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable toothbrushes by the end of 2019, RADIUS is thrilled to announce with the help of the Replacement Head –  the perfect alternative to the current single-piece Big Brush (previously known as the “Original Toothbrush” – we have surpassed our previous goals and on to making new ones! (Cue Rocky anthem.)

    RADIUS’ toothbrushes were sustainable from the very start – and we have no intention of changing that anytime soon…or ever. We strive to keep inventing new ways to make your smile and the planet healthier. 

    Thousand of customers trusted our instincts and fell in love with the Big Brush. We know you will too! (Even dentists love it!)

    “Always great!
    My favorite toothbrush hands down! Being in dentistry for 30 years I've tried everything, and this is the only one that's been my go-to for 15 of those years!!: -L. Jones

    See what the hype is all about and grab your own Big Brush here.

    RADIUS– always improving – for you and your family too.