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What If You Could Floss Literally Anywhere?

Jul 14, 2022

From the embarrassing spinach leaf stuck in your teeth on that first date to the annoying kernel of popcorn wedged between your molars on movie night – floss always comes through to save the day.

But did you know 73% of Americans said they’d rather go grocery shopping than floss their teeth? (That’s saying a lot considering the check out line madness followed by the loading and unloading of all the groceries...) 

Studies conducted by the American Dental Association have revealed as few as 10% of Americans floss daily. Here at RADIUS we wanted to make flossing easier for you and better for the environment too. So we invented the Floss Sachets– now known as the Anywhere Floss giving you the freedom to floss literally anywhere. By switching to our biodegradable floss packets you are helping to keep our landfills and the planet happier too.

“Best Floss EVER

This is THE BEST FLOSS ever! Love being able to carry this in my purse for those rare and awkward times when you are out and about and food gets caught. Great product, great price! I also get their normal dispenser of this floss. Thanks!” -B. Brown

RADIUS is all about happy smiles and landfills, so we made sure our floss stayed in sync with the rest of our oral care line by staying eco-friendly. The Anywhere Floss is made from biodegradable paper packaging – cutting down the amount of plastic clogging up our landfills.

Our biodegradable silk travel floss packets are perfect for throwing in your purse, your car, in your desk at work, or even in an overnight bag when you're leaving for your next adventure. (Don’t risk having food stuck in your teeth for all those selfies!)


Anywhere Floss makes flossing simple –  no matter where you’re going. Its’ easy design allows you to rip down the middle, roam, rinse, repeat! All while leaving the earth as clean as your teeth. 

A standard floss container can take 500-1,000 years to decompose! (And once they do, the plastic can release harmful chemicals back into the soil.) The average American uses 4-5 roles of floss per year. Those tiny containers it can really add up!


“Okay, floss is floss.” You say, but when it comes to your oral health, RADIUS strives to give our best so you and your family can feel their best. 

So, what makes our environmentally friendly floss so different? 

The soft, spongy nylon floss expands between your teeth to tackle those tight spaces your other floss simply can’t reach as easily. 

Our eco-friendly floss is made with organic erythritol to help fight cavities and coconut oil to help remove bacterial and whiten teeth. The effortless 'rip down the middle' process eliminates the hassle of having to cut floss using those awkward plastic containers. 

Our Anywhere Floss ingredients will always be organic and planet-friendly. 

Below is our complete ingredient list for our crowd pleasing Anywhere Floss– now available in two refreshing flavors:

Why is it Important to Floss Daily?

To keep your smile looking bright, flossing daily is worth the extra effort. Just for fun, here are some mind blowing facts about flossing:

  • Brushing without flossing is the equivalent to washing only 65% of your body. (Over time that remaining 35% is going to get funky my friends…)
  • Lack of flossing was the primary cause of halitosis, bad breath, in over 90% of cases.
  • Skipping on flossing can lead to gingivitis, tooth loss, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Flossing daily helps prevent tooth decay, removes bacteria build up between your teeth, reduces bad breath, tartar, and bleeding gums. (As our dentist keeps telling us, but did we ever really listen?)

Want a floss for home too? (Of course you do!) Check out our organic biodegradable Vegan Sponge Floss (available in peppermint, vanilla mint, and clove) and Natural Biodegradable Silk Floss to keep it fresh at home and the landfills happy world-wide. 

 “I am a dental hygienist and I love your floss.

It has enough texture to do a great job and is easy to use since it is not slippery. A patient brought me a sample and I have been using it ever since.” -S. Brooks RDH

Join the movement to improve our planet, one smile at a time and grab a packet of Anywhere Floss.