Products for Kids

Our USA-made, super-safe children’s toothbrushes are as fun as they are effective.

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$ 3.99 
Description: You only want the best for your baby, and so do we. As sensitive as it is effective, the Pure Brush is exactly that — free of BPA, dyes, and harmful chemicals. For ages 6 months and up.
$ 3.99 

There’s a reason Totz is our best-selling toothbrush. Totz is specially designed for small teeth and gums, so your tot has fun brushing while learning how to take control of their own oral health from the start.

$ 4.49 
Description: The Totz Plus toothbrush tackles the tricky age of 3 years and up, when wobbly baby teeth are starting to be replaced by sturdy adult ones
$ 4.99 
Description: The Kids toothbrush echoes the same smart design as our award-winning adult toothbrushes, but specially made for smaller hands and mouths.
$ 6.99 
Description: The DOC is so much more than a toothbrush holder. Its a game-changer in the bathroom and beyond.
$ 3.99 
Description: Our Natural Biodegradable Silk Floss takes us back to a time before the nylon of today’s floss took over —  when floss was made of pure, inviting, luxurious silk.
$ 3.99 
Description: Our Natural Biodegradable Silk Floss Sachets are completely biodegradable and are designed to glide easily between teeth.
$ 3.99 
Description: Tear, floss and toss. Say good-bye to wasteful plastic containers with our convenient, vegan single-use flosses.
$ 3.99 
Description: This sleek Standard Toothbrush Case for storing your RADIUS Source (and most other major brands) is the perfect solution to keep your brush stowed while you’re on the go.
$ 3.99 
Description: Designed to keep your bar of soap securely stashed away — and the rest of your luggage suds-free — our slick Soap Travel Case is an in-transit essential.
$ 4.39 
Description: Get that earth-friendly organic clean with our brand new line of plastic-free USDA Certified Organic Flosses!
$ 7.99 
Description: Do more with your 2 minutes and organically refresh your routine with our USDA Organic Toothpastes.
$ 73.25 

A complete oral care kit to keep your entire family happy and smiling. 


$ 53.00 
Description: An oral care kit for you and the one that makes you smile.
$ 93.25 
Description: A complete oral care regime to keep your entire family healthy - even the furry ones.
$ 77.00 
Description: Your furbabies are your children and you want to keep their teeth has healthy as your own.
$ 58.00 
Description: Get the most luxurious oral care for your smile in one complete kit.
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