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5 Reasons Why RADIUS is PAWS-itively Awesome for Your Canine

May 27, 2022

May is one of our favorite months here at RADIUS! Why? Because it’s National Pet Month– a whole month dedicated to loving and showcasing our most loyal pals. At RADIUS our pups are considered family, hence why we created a Pets TOO oral care colletion to ensure their slobbery grins stay healthy and fresh!

From Poodles to Great Danes, our canine friends can’t get enough of our drool worthy toothpaste and the fresh clean they wag away with after each brush. 

So what makes our Pets TOO collection so tail-wagging good? Let’s dig in!

  • A Pet Toothbrush They’re Mutts About!
  • Did you know your puppy has 28 sharp little teeth? (But it feels like 128 when they get ahold of your slippers or the couch cushions!) And your adult dog has 48 teeth to chomp away with compared to our measly 32 adult teeth. We wouldn’t skimp on scrubbing down on our teeth, why should we skip on theirs? Just like humans, dogs can get cavities too. So, we designed a pet toothbrush to take care of their teeth just like our own!

    Whether your furry friend is a routy pup or an old loyal couch snuggler– our Lush & Plush Pet Toothbrush will be perfect for them– regardless of their age or size. 

    Did we mention our pet toothbrush also makes brushing your dog’s teeth easier?

    (Much easier than bath time we promise!) 

    Our canine toothbrushes have a slobber-proof, non-slip grip handle for better cleaning control– making it easier to reach the back teeth. And the super soft vegetable-derived bristles are perfect for their sensitive gums and make brushing a comfortable experience for your pup. The biodegradable, BPA-free handle will leave your doggo’s teeth as clean as the environment. Which means more fresh air to run around in and sticks to fetch!

  • An Organic Canine Toothpaste They Will Love! (Fur– Real)
  • Can a dog really smile? Most scientists think that dogs' “smiles” are actually them mirroring their owners' happiness. They say their true smiles are when their features are relaxed and their tongues are out– sometimes with a slight upward tilt of their lips. Either way, we want to make sure their smiles– mirrored or not– stays healthy.

    After some trial and error– and a lot of help from our furry judges– we came up with an organic USDA organic canine toothpaste disguised as a scrumptious treat. (Shhh they don't need to know it’s actually good for them!)

    Our USDA Organic Pet Toothpaste is known as the BEST dog toothpaste on the market! It won the Treehugger Best of Green 2021 Award for being the best high quality oral care product for your furry pals that also benefits the planet. 

    Worried about your pup eating most of it when he brushes? Who can blame him? Our unique blend of coconut oil, sweet potato, and cinnamon tastes just like a treat. So your dog will think he’s getting a reward vs a punishment everytime you pull out his personal toothpaste. But just in case he gets carried away, our toothpaste is safe to swallow and is free from ALL harmful chemicals. 

    *Such as: xylitol, pesticides, GMOs, glutens, fluoride, saccharin, SLS, SLES, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, and synthetics. 

    If it’s not natural, you won’t find it here!

  • A Sparkling Show Dog Smile 
  • Between the chewing, chomping, and gnawing, your dog’s teeth may have dulled over the years. 

    Our organic canine toothpaste is designed to whiten their teeth to show dog ready status. The natural coconut oil in our canine gel toothpaste helps to naturally whiten your dog's teeth, and reduce the risk of tooth decay by reducing the bacteria in your pet’s mouth. 

    Did we mention it also will freshen their breath for the next round of puppy kisses? 

    Oh yeah, it does that too- so pucker up!

  • The “Take Me With You” Carrying Dental Kit
  • Ever wonder why your dog is obsessed with car rides? Researchers believe it dates back from their evolutionary history as wolves. Dogs love the sense of just being together, they love exploring and experiencing new scents and sights. A car ride with their favorite human gives them all of that! 

    We love toting our pups along on our adventures– with the windows rolled down the whole way of course! So we made sure to include a travel kit for our pups on-the-go.

    Our Organic Canine Dental Kit includes their very own toothbrush, yummy toothpaste, and FREE critter carrying case to keep your dogs oral care items sanitary and in one convenient place for wherever life takes you!

    *Available in puppy and adult versions.

  • So Easy It Deserves A Round Of A-PAWS!
  • Our dogs, no matter how cute they are, tend to make life a bit of a hassle at times. Whether it's their white fur on your black slacks, or muddy paw prints on the freshly mopped floors– it’s hard to deny that adorable slobbery grin! 

    At RADIUS we aim to make oral care easier for you and your pet. Leaving them with a healthy, fresh, and vibrant smile– all at an affordable rate with easy subscriptions. 

    We offer:

    • 30 day money back GUARANTEE– But we know your pup will be hooked!
    • FREE domestic shipping over $30– We’ll come to you!
    • Convenient subscriptions– Life gets busy– let us handle this to-do list item for 1 month or 12!

    Now that’s something to howl about!

    RADIUS– for you AND your pets too.