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Our New Big Kidz Toothbrush Will Have Your Kids Begging to Brush Their Teeth

May 13, 2022

Is it a daily struggle getting your children to brush their teeth? It doesn't matter how many times you explain why brushing is so important, they still don't want to give in – even after they snuck off to eat an entire bag of sweets.

Here at RADIUS, our big kids allowed us to experience the same struggles first hand. Yes, we begged, pleaded, and even bribed our kids to brush their teeth. (Okay, we didn't say we were proud of it.) As parents, we wanted the best for our children’s growing bright smiles – and to keep our sanity intact. Our goal was to help our growing kids become more independent in their oral care routines and make them actually excited about it. 

That’s why we constructed the first ever Big Kidz Replaceable Head Forever Brush. Your growing big kid has a lot on their plate– from homework to after school activities– brushing never makes the top of their list. (Who can blame them when you can be Superman all day or hang out with friends instead?) 

At RADIUS, we were determined to design a product which would make brushing not only easier, but funner for our big kids. We wanted to give them a brush they would look forward to using, not roll their eyes at. Especially since more than half of children ages 6-8 have had a cavity on at least one of their baby teeth. 

Our Big Kidz Replaceable Head Forever Brush is  perfect for your growing 6-12 year old. This innovative brush gives your big kid the independence they crave and the clean teeth they deserve– not to mention a fun colorful twist to fit their unique style.


RADIUS is always looking for imaginative ways to improve the health of families everywhere– meaning we like to think outside of the box. It was obvious a standard cartoon straight edge toothbrush wasn’t tackling the twice daily brushing battle or plaque build up for our kids. So we did something about it. 

The new Big Kidz Replaceable Head Forever Brush is the first of its kind for your one-of-a-kind big kid! It makes brushing easy and fun for kids while providing all the health and safety features parents value. It’s also non-toxic and free from BPA, lead and phthalate– giving parents and the Earth a sigh of relief. 

The Big Kidz Replaceable Head Forever Brush is perfect for ages 6-12– when cavities become more prominent. (But little one’s should start brushing at the arrival of their first pearly white– with a little help of course. Check out our Totz brushes here– perfect for your little one beginning on the path to a healthy smile.)

An Easier Way to Brush

RADIUS strives to make brushing as easy as possible for our busy big kids– and their parents. After struggling first hand with our own kids– and a lot of imagination– we feel we’ve covered all the basics. 

The replaceable head and forever usable handle gives our Earth a big high-five by cutting waste by 86%! Instead of rushing off to the store to buy a whole new toothbrush every month, just replace the landfill biodegradable brush head and keep the cool looking handle to use over and over again. 

Our innovative reversible non-slip grip handle is perfect for rightys or leftys who are a hurry to rush off to soccer practice. This allows your child to successfully get those hard to reach places with ease, which cuts out the frustration and tackles those continuously missed spots. 

Our wider bristle bed cleans a larger area in less time. This allows them to make the most of their 10-30 second brushing session before they run off the save the world in their super hero cape! 

The pillow-soft bio-based bristles gently remove plaque and tartar without irritation or gum recession. This make their brushing experience more comfortable and they may even feel like brushing for longer!

The slim neck of the Big Kidz brush allows them to properly clean tight hard to reach spaces they normally can’t reach without a little help– giving them a greater sense of independence and a happier follow up visit at the dentist. 


Your big kid is unique, so why shouldn’t their toothbrush be too? Does your future track star want a blue and green brush to match her sneakers? We’ve got her covered. And maybe your town's next superhero wants to keep his identity a secret, but still represent superheroes everywhere. Our blue and red replaceable head brush combo is exactly what he needs to stay incognito. 

Big kids are always changing their minds– and we mean always. So we wanted to make sure they had plenty of options to choose from and an easy way to switch out colors when they were “so over it” without tossing the whole toothbrush out. Our Big Kidz Replacement Head Forever Brush comes in 6 starting colors, but we offer additional replacement head colors– giving your big kid a wide array of color combos to choose from.

Since we manufacture everything in-house on our own machines in Kutztown, PA, we are always adding new colors to the mix! Offering your kiddo the freedom to mix and match until they find the perfect toothbrush combo for their unique vibe. 

Take a peek at our fun color selection here

As an added bonus their favorite brush can now match yours! (Kids shouldn’t be able to have all the fun.) Grab your own eco-friendly replaceable head toothbrush here. 

RADIUS– Shines Bright

RADIUS takes pride in being a family owned business– run by women who love finding new ways to make functionable products better for families everywhere. Our innovative designs and inclusive products are made in the USA have earned numerous awards over the years, including:

  • Our Dragon Fruit toothpaste won the Product of the Year award by Creative Child Magazine and the Top Choice of the Year award.
  • Our Pure Baby toothbrush also grabbed the Product of the Year award.
  • We snagged a Benjamin Franklin Innovative Application of Technology award. This award highlights a company that strongly demonstrates a “break-the-mold” approach to integrating new or existing technology into its business. 
  • We’ve been recognized by Baby Maternity Magazine, a national publication that provides new moms and mom-to-be with the latest industry information on parenting and motherhood.

Not only is RADIUS continuing to turn heads and brighten smiles, we are also USDA certified and hold an ADA seal of approval.  

The Perfect Pair

What goes best with an awesome toothbrush that will make your kids love brushing? How about a yummy all natural toothpaste they will crave?

Not to brag, but our Dragonfruit toothpaste did win the Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine and the Top Choice of the Year award.

Our other flavor favorites include matcha mint and coconut banana. 

Not only are our toothpastes tasty; they are also organic, all natural, USDA certified, and 100% free of chemicals, pesticides, glutens, florides, GMO’s, parabens, detergents, and synthetics. Did I mention sugar-free? Instead, we use erythritol, an alcohol sweetener, which is also a cavity fighter and safer than fluoride. 

At RADIUS we pride ourselves on being completely transparent about what’s in our products. For the complete ingredients list click here. 

Don’t worry Parents, we’ve got your back too! Check out your tasty toothpaste options here.

Busy Life? Easy Subscriptions.

As parents, we know life can get busy and out of control. It can be a challenge to remember to buy a new toothbrush every 6-8 weeks. That’s why we offer easy service subscriptions for our toothbrushes, toothpastes, and flosses.  

Just choose the awesome products you know and love and pick the delivery schedule to fit your needs– ranging from every month to every 12 months. 

There is absolutely no obligation and you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime– and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee

But we know you and your kiddos love us!

How To Get The Best Brush in a Few Easy Steps

*For our younger big kids*

Now that you have the really cool replaceable head toothbrush and an organic toothpaste they'd rather eat than brush with- how can you ensure that they get the best clean?

Try the “Monkey See Monkey Do” approach. Kids love copying their parents. And if you both have the same nifty toothbrushes– they will be even more stoked to follow suit. 

Also, let them explore their new cool toothbrush and sample the toothpaste. Let them practice changing out the head and adding a pea sized amount of toothpaste on the soft bristles– also nurturing that new found independence. 

Make sure they are brushing in a gentle circular motion– not sawing side to side. (This can lead to gum erosion over time.)

Try to brush for 1-3 minutes twice a day.

Can’t get your kiddo to sit still that long? Try blasting your favorite tunes and challenge them to brush for the duration of the song. Kids love a fun challenge and opportunities to see their parents break out their retro dance moves. 


Give your big kid the independence to take the reins on their smiles and brush the way they really want to brush. And let the Big Kidz Replaceable Head Forever Brush do its thing!

Let your child’s smile shine bright with the help of our Big Kidz Toothbrush today! Their dentist and the Earth will thank you later.

RADIUS– good for your health and the world. 

If this awesome toothbrush sounds too good to be true, check it out for yourself here and give your big kid a healthier and more confident smile today!