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Tips on Mastering Pet Dental Care

May 28, 2021

There’s no shortage of pet products on the market. It’s evident we love our animals, and  are always seeking out ways to keep them healthy, entertained, and looking their best.  Let’s zero in on keeping your pets’ teeth clean. If you develop good habits for keeping  your pet’s teeth clean it checks all the boxes for keeping them healthy, entertained, and  looking their best, too.  

Pet dental care may sound intimidating but simply stated, it’s keeping a pet’s teeth and  gums clean from plaque and food particles. Clean teeth and gums for your pet helps  reduce issues and concerns like bad breath, inflammation, infection and disease.  

Maintaining overall health through dental care is our focus at RADIUS®. We know it’s  critical to have solid everyday habits that are good for our health and good for our  planet. Our pets are part of our family, so don’t leave them out!



Do you have the ability to provide great pet dental care at home, or is this only the job of  a veterinarian? Thanks to really good and really affordable pet dental care products from  RADIUS®, you can keep their mouth clean at home.  

Some doctors and pet service providers require anesthesia to do a teeth cleaning or  scaling service. And, since teeth cleaning is considered a routine dental care service, it  usually is not covered by pet insurance. That’s not ideal for your budget, and anesthesia  is not an ideal procedure to put your pet through on a regular basis.

Let’s peek at some of the many products available for home dental care for pets.  Prescription dog food, grainless diets, organic pet food, chew sticks – all options you’ll  pour over as a pet owner. While it’s very important to make sure you feed your pet safe  and chemical-free food, you’ll need to look further than your pet’s food to make sure their  teeth are clean.  

Dental care water additives are popular for dogs and cats. There are even mouthwashes  and dental pet spray that claim to fight plaque and tartar buildup. Imagine if instead of  brushing our own teeth we just rinsed or used a dash of spray? Yuck.

Just like for humans,  we need to actually lightly scrub and brush off the food and buildup. It doesn’t have to  be a rigorous brushing to remove plaque, but don’t rely on a liquid rinse to get the job  done.  

Pet breath sprays and water additives alone won’t do the trick. There’s definitely some  effort and acumen needed on the human side, too. These pets aren’t going to brush their  own teeth! (If you have one that can PLEASE send us the video and give yourself a pat on  the back!) 

Check the ingredients list on anything you give to your pet. Avoid using baking soda and  chemicals like cellulose gum, xylitol, and methylparaben found in some pet toothpaste.  Used as a sweetener, xylitol is toxic to dogs.  

We only use safe, organic ingredients in RADIUS® Pet Toothpaste. Our unique blend of  organic coconut oil, sweet potato and cinnamon is a tasty treat without harmful  ingredients. There’s no trace of xylitol, chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, glutens, fluoride,  saccharin, SLS, SLES, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, or synthetics.  



The only thing better than a snuggle from our fur babies is a snuggle from our fur babies  who have fresh breath! The good news is you don’t need the pet water additives and  rinses for your pet’s mouth.

You don’t need sprays that say they magically spray the bad  breath away. You don’t need pet breath savers. You just need to brush their teeth on a regular basis.  

Remember – the underlying reason for your sweet pups or kitty’s breath not being  purrrfectly pleasant is the food particles and bacteria on their teeth and gums. It’s simple,  brush it off, avoid the build up, avoid the bad breath.  

We designed the RADIUS® Pet Toothbrush with a cornerless, oval head with super soft  bristles and a non-slip grip handle so you can effectively and safely clean your pet’s teeth. Couple that with RADIUS® Organic Canine Toothpaste and say hello to fresh breath for  your dog or cat.



If you have tried to brush your pet’s teeth, and found it difficult, don’t worry. You are not  alone. But, you and your pet can do this. You can get better and better at it while  building a healthy habit you’ll both love. The RADIUS® Organic Canine Dental Kit is a  great place to start. It includes our USDA Organic Canine ToothpastePet Toothbrush and a Critter Case that allows for sanitary storage.  

A few tips for a success when brushing your pet’s teeth:  

  • Just like you and me, we prefer good flavors, so use a tasty pet toothpaste  they’ll want to lick and enjoy while you brush. A little tease of the toothpaste  takes the edge off and helps keep them entertained while you get to work  brushing.  
  • Make it a positive experience by giving them a treat AFTER brushing their  teeth. We all love a reward system, and sometimes it’s what gets us through  the things we don’t want to do. Brush, then reward to evoke happy vibes. 
  • Make it part of a daily routine. It might not be easy on the first try. Brushing  your dog or cat’s teeth gets better with practice and repetition, so keep trying  and make it a habit! 


canine oral care kit


RADIUS® pet products are a perfect solution for affordable pet dental care that’s also safe  for your pet. They are a part of your family, afterall. So, give them the quality,  chemical-free ingredients they deserve.  

Happy brushing!