Why Your Dog REALLY Needs Their Teeth Brushed

smiling white dog

From giving healthy dog food to buying all their favorite treats, it is every pet parent’s duty to take care of their fur babies. Unfortunately, some dog owners are not paying attention to their pet’s oral care. Just like us, our dogs’ teeth need some care and protection, too. 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 80 percent of dogs show signs of oral disease as early as the age of 3. This is caused by bacteria, plaque, and tartar that are present due to the lack of proper oral care. 

Ideally, your dog's teeth should be brushed every day. But before using a brush or any dental tool, you need to make sure your dog feels comfortable with having your fingers in their mouth first. It may be hard, but with proper techniques and training, your pup will get used to it. 

To celebrate the National Pet Dental Health month, here are some reasons why you should pay attention to your dog’s dental health:


Prevent plaque buildup

a happy dog and a Radius dog toothbrush with organic dog toothpaste

Aside from removing food particles, you can also prevent plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth by cleaning their teeth regularly. 

When your dog is already comfortable with your fingers in his mouth, you can move on to brushing by using a specially-designed pet toothbrush like the premium canine toothbrush from RADIUS. Start brushing by using a bit of toothpaste for a few seconds and build up to a full minute. Make sure that you’re paying attention to the tooth surfaces, molars, and the canines.

The RADIUS premium dog toothbrush has a smooth, oval brush head perfect for dogs both big and small. It has a corner-less head and soft bristles, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful effects on your dog’s teeth and gums.

Reduce the chances of periodontal disease 

dog getting his teeth brushed

Periodontal disease is an inflammation or infection that results in the weakening or loss of support structures of the dog's teeth. It happens when residual food bacteria and tartar collect in the spaces between gum and tooth that causes infection. This is also one of the most common dog diseases. 

Symptoms can be unnoticeable, but the best way to avoid this from happening is to brush their teeth with dog toothpaste every single day. Never use human toothpaste as this can harm your pooch’s teeth, instead, use a pet-safe product with a flavor that your dog will love. 

RADIUS is committed to creating products that are not only good for humans but also perfect for your fur babies. The USDA Organic Canine Gel Toothpaste is made from organic sweet potato and cinnamon that provides a tasty treat without any harmful ingredients. It also has organic coconut oil that helps whiten the teeth, eliminates bacteria, and reduces the risk of having periodontal disease.

Get rid of stinky breath

woman hugging her dog

Bad breath or halitosis is a very common pet problem that can occur when your dog has gum disease or tooth decay. Poor diet and lack of oral hygiene can be one of its major causes. 

The simplest way to get rid of your dog’s bad breath is to make sure that they have a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a good oral hygiene routine. Start them young and use BPA-free products without harmful chemicals such as pesticides, GMOs, glutens, SLS, SLES, carrageenan, parabens, detergents, or synthetics of any kind. 

Halitosis is not just an unpleasant smell; it can also mean something very serious that requires special care. It may be linked to some severe illnesses like kidney failure and diabetes.  If your pet already shows signs of dental issues such as loose teeth, bleeding gums or infection, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian immediately.