5 Easy Ways To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids

mom brushing daughters teeth using Radius organic toothbrush and toothpaste

Most children have a full set of primary teeth by the time they reach the age of three. That’s why getting your little ones into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day is very important in establishing a proper dental care routine. You need to make sure that your child knows the importance of cleaning their teeth and gums. 

For many parents, it can be hard to teach your little ones how to brush their teeth because they might not be interested in doing this task. But there's a lot of ways to make it more fun! Here’s how: 


1. Play music while brushing their teeth

Kids love music. Try playing a fun song while they’re brushing their teeth to make it more enjoyable. There are songs available online like Little Baby Bum’s "This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth" and Sesame Street’s "Kids Just Love to Brush" that encourages children to practice good dental care. You can also use music as a timer to let your child know exactly how long they need to brush.


2. Pick out a great toothpaste flavor for kids

Children might not like the flavor of your regular toothpaste, but don’t worry because there’s a lot of fruity flavors available for kids to choose from. Apart from having a great taste, you also need to make sure that the product is safe and effective for kids. RADIUS USDA Organic Toothpaste is made with natural ingredients such as organic erythritol, coconut water, calming chamomile flower, and organic soapberry. It’s available in flavors like Coconut Banana and Matcha Mint that children (and kids at heart) will surely love. 



3. Brush together with the family 

mom dad and daughter brushing their teeth with Radius organic toothpastes

One way to make brushing fun is to do it with the whole family. Remember that as a parent, you are their role model. Show them the right way and the proper techniques to clean their teeth as you brush along with them. By making this a family activity, your child will be more inclined to view it as a fun event and it will feel less like a chore.  They will start to understand that brushing your teeth is an important (and fun!) task that everyone should do. 


4. Let them choose their own kids toothbrush

happy kid brushing his teeth with Radius organic toothbrush for kids

Your kid will become more excited about doing this routine if you let them choose their own toothbrush. Give them toothbrush options with fun and bright colors, but remember to find children’s toothbrush products that are suitable for your tots aside from just their appearance.  Our collection of toddler and kids toothbrushes are specially made for kids, so they should fit easily in their mouths and are easy to hold. The Totz, Totz Plus, and Kids brushes are all made with super soft, vegetable-derived bristles; perfect for precision brushing that’s comfortable for tiny mouths. These are available in fun, sparkly colors and easy-grip handles that will make brushing fun and effective at the same time.


5. Reward good brushing behavior

smiling kid holding his Radius totz organic toothbrush for kids

Rewards can be useful when it comes to motivating your kids. To further encourage them to continue their dental care routine, you can give stamps or stickers every time they brush. There are many ways to do this, such as allowing them to pick what movie to watch during your family movie night or what storybook you’ll read before bedtime. This is an effective way to create a routine and establish good oral care habits.