I can't tell you what an amazing experience...

Oct 22, 2004

I can't tell you what an amazing experience it is to use this toothbrush, but...I'll try!!!!!

I have been using the RADIUS toothbrush for about 18 years now.....I have told everyone I know that they are the best and they should try them and many of my friends and relatives have! You will NEVER go back to using a regular small toothbrush again! The head of this toothbrush is big, about 2.5x the size of a regular brush and when you brush, you can FEEL the difference - your teeth are cleaner feeling and your gums tingle like you would NOT believe! My dentist ALWAYS comments on how little she needs to clean and how my gums are in amazing shape! You just have to try this brush. I mean it! 


Norwood, MA