In August 2004, I am to marry the strongest advocate of RADIUS...

Apr 12, 2004


In August 2004, I am to marry the strongest advocate of the RADIUS toothbrush, Stanley Gray. In our first few months of dating, Stan bought me a most unusual gift: what I thought at the time to be the largest headed toothbrush I had ever seen. Stan spent close to an hour expounding upon the benefits of this toothbrush and commenting on its thoughtful design (a very important concern for an architecture student like Stan). He told me that no one to whom he has given a RADIUS toothbrush has ever gone back to using any other brush, and that his goal is to influence all of his friends and families to use a RADIUS toothbrush!

Since the time he purchased the brush for me, we have made a habit of brushing our teeth together whenever we are in the same place (he lives in Jackson, MS, and I in Starkville). Stan feels strongly that the brush should be held according to its design and has coached me to hold it properly. I have been converted to a RADIUS toothbrush user and must admit other toothbrushes feel quite strange now that I am accustomed to the RADIUS brush!

When Stan and I traveled to Florida a few weeks ago to visit my family for the first time together, we told everyone the story of our toothbrushes and even demonstrated joint toothbrushing to my immediate family. We have since bought RADIUS toothbrushes for the groom's cake at the wedding (we are practicing this weekend).

People get lots of laughs out of our RADIUS toothbrush story (as do we...it's quite "unusual")...Stanley and I would love to provide toothbrushes to our wedding guests in August and would be honored if RADIUS would consider providing toothbrushes for all.


Virginia Braddock