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The benefits of using organic toothpastes for sensitive teeth.

Feb 22, 2023

There is a good reason why organic toothpaste has become more well-liked in recent years. They not only help improve dental health, but they are also more environmentally friendly. This is particularly true for those who have sensitive teeth, as organic toothpaste can offer relief without the harsh chemicals included in traditional toothpaste. With a special emphasis on the RADIUS products, we will examine the advantages of using organic toothpaste for sensitive teeth in this blog.

Why should sensitive teeth use organic toothpaste?

  • Tooth decay, gum recession, enamel erosion, and other conditions can all contribute to tooth sensitivity. Additionally, it could be a side effect of several dental treatments, such teeth whitening. Whatever the cause, sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and make it challenging to consume certain foods and liquids. Traditional toothpaste, which frequently contains harsh chemicals and abrasives that can wear down the enamel and aggravate sensitive teeth, can make the issue worse.

  • On the other hand, organic toothpaste is made with all-natural components that are kinder to teeth and gums. While preventing further harm, these chemicals help soothe sensitive teeth. For instance, calcium carbonate, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel and lessen sensitivity, is present in RADIUS organic toothpaste. It also contains chamomile and aloe vera, which are well recognised for their calming effects and can aid in reducing gum inflammation.

  • Organic toothpaste is not only better for the environment but also kinder to teeth and gums. Traditional toothpaste frequently contains artificial compounds like triclosan and microbeads that can be bad for the environment. These substances might find their way into our waterways and harm aquatic life there. On the other hand, organic toothpaste uses natural, environmentally friendly chemicals that can be broken down.

RADIUS organic toothpaste: why use it?

  • The dental care products made by RADIUS are known for being effective, safe for the environment, and fun to use. Their natural toothpaste is no different. A few advantages of utilizing RADIUS organic toothpaste for sensitive teeth include:

  • Natural components: Organic coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile, and green tea extract are just a few examples of the natural components used in RADIUS organic toothpaste. Together, these components help to relieve sensitive teeth pain and improve overall oral health.

  • RADIUS organic toothpaste is free of abrasive substances like SLS, triclosan, and artificial scents. This indicates that it is less prone to irritate or increase sensitivity while also being kinder to teeth and gums.

  • Package that is environmentally friendly: Radius is dedicated to cutting waste, and their toothpaste packaging shows that. Their toothpaste is packaged in a recyclable metal tube rather than the usual plastic tube, which is significantly better for the environment.

  • RADIUS is a registered cruelty-free business, which ensures that none of its products are put through animal testing. For many people who are concerned about animal welfare, this is a crucial factor.

  • Effective: RADIUS organic toothpaste is equally as effective as conventional toothpaste at cleaning teeth and freshening breath despite being created with natural ingredients. Fluoride is also present, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

By switching to an organic toothpaste like the one provided by RADIUS, you can get relief from sensitive teeth without the harsh chemicals present in conventional toothpaste. RADIUS organic toothpaste is more environmentally friendly than conventional toothpaste because it is manufactured with natural, powerful components. Additionally, it is cruelty-free and packaged in green materials. Today, give RADIUS organic toothpaste a try and see the advantages for yourself.