Good To Know

Take a Tour of RADIUS

May 19, 2016

This is where we design, create, manufacture, and bring our innovative products to life. Take a tour of our historic factory and HQ and get an inside look at what makes RADIUS tick.

This is where it all happens – the RADIUS HQ.

A restored feed mill from the early 1800’s located in Kutztown, PA.

Where we bring our products to the masses.

Come take a walk with us through our HQ and get a glimpse into the life of RADIUS.

When you first arrive you’ll see large solar panels because here at RADIUS we’re proud to say that we’re powered by the sun.

If you think the outside is pretty, wait until you see the inside.

Taking the first flight of stairs you’ll enter our offices and outlet.

Make sure you take a moment to enjoy the scenery.

Exposed beams, large windows, and brick walls make for a very pretty work space.

Exposed beams, large windows, and brick walls make for a very pretty work space.

Now it’s time to browse through our outlet where you can get all of the RADIUS products that you know and love.

Looks like the gang’s all here.

Travel with the TOUR.

Floss like a boss.

And you can’t go wrong with the Original.

Take a pin and show your RADIUS love.

Choose your favorite flavor.

It’s always good to buy local.

Check out our award and press table. We’ll be adding a few more shortly!

Meet Paul the Palm. A gift to our CEO on her birthday, he’s been growing like a weed (pun intended) since he arrived.

Here’s our makeshift store so we can see what you see when you see RADIUS in a store. See?

We even have a few oldies but goodies on our shelves…like this throwback red Original…

..or these vintage SCUBAs….

…or our personal favorite, the coveted gold Original.

A rare sight – our conference room is empty.

Our CEO decorates her office with DOCs and toothbrushes. I mean…doesn’t everyone?

We have two Amanda’s on our team who we affectionately refer to as “The Amanda’s.” This is Amanda V (or Vasko). The other Amanda (or Mandi) is apparently camera shy.

Venture into our Inside Sales Department where Jen and Chrissy are ready to bring RADIUS to a store near you.

We never miss an opportunity to educate and we have the brochures to prove it.

Our Memory Wall where we highlight the RADIUS Team throughout the years.

Head on upstairs to the loft where you can get a birds eye view of the entire office.

Our Accounting, Marketing, and Data Entry Departments all call the loft home.

Keeping it green with a succulent in a teacup…naturally.

Memories leftover from our CEO’s baby shower.

Should we sit on our yoga ball or chair today? Tough decision.

Our DOC is good for pretty much anything…even serving as a post-it nameplate.

Remnants of the mill still hang from the ceiling.

Hello, from the upstairs.

It’s time to go all the way downstairs to say hi to our Shipping and Production Departments.

Replacement Heads about to be bristled in Production.

Away they go.

Unbristled Totz Plus Toothbrushes waiting for their turn on the bristler.

After bristling comes packaging.

After being packaged they’ll head to the sealer…

…where they’re sealed and ready to ship.

And finally, we arrive at our Shipping Department….

… where we keep the shelves full and ready to go.

Thanks for taking a walk through RADIUS with us and we hope to see you again soon.