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Save the Earth by Brushing Your Teeth

Jun 29, 2021

Put on your cape and stand tall because there are miniscule things you can do daily to be a big hero in helping save the Earth. 

One of those daily tokens of eco-conscious change includes brushing your teeth. Okay, granted it’s expected you are going to brush your teeth every day, sure. But, the toothbrush, floss and toothpaste you use compounded with your brushing routine and habits makes all the difference in the world. Pun intended. Join us as we take a look at 4 ways brushing your teeth can save the Earth.

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You may not think of a toothbrush as being harsh on the planet, but think again. There’s more that goes into the making of that little tool than meets the eye, and the sheer volume of toothbrushes tossed away is staggering. A billion toothbrushes are thrown away on an annual basis in the United States, creating about 50 million pounds of waste added to landfills. 50. Million. Pounds. 

RADIUS® has been making plant-based toothbrushes since 1982. Our desire is to produce premium products that are good for the environment and leave zero footprint. 

We are working hard on making all of our products 100% biodegradable to help turn the tide on the plastic epidemic littering our fields, oceans, and landfills. We’ve taken huge strides in this endeavor to help make it easier for you to be a hero based on the toothbrush you purchase.


All RADIUS® toothbrushes (and our travel cases and our holder) are enhanced with EcoPure®, which makes them landfill biodegradable. Hooray! That’s right, during testing by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), products with EcoPure® show a 40.2% biodegradation over 365 days compared to the same material without EcoPure® showing 3.2% biodegradation over the same period of time. Run that back. 40.2% compared to 3.2% - that’s compelling!

We’ve come a long way in our RADIUS mission, but unfortunately we’ve seen regression in things like the bamboo toothbrush. In terms of teeth cleaning, a bamboo toothbrush is not designed for improved oral health. They are really sawing away at consumer’s teeth while also not a sustainable option for a reduced ecological footprint.

Make a difference by choosing landfill biodegradable toothbrushes that will stay out of landfills in the long term.


Don’t discount all the teeny tiny strands of floss you use and discard. As you hear with the push for less plastic straws because of ocean pollution, for example, the same goes for floss. A traditional strand of floss can take 80 years to biodegrade. RADIUS® biodegradable floss is made from ethically sourced silk spun in organic carnauba wax. This silk floss, also available in green tea, is compostable, too. 

Most dental floss is packaged in - you guessed it - the dreaded pl@st!c word. That trash sticks around clogging our world far too long. Not with RADIUS® Floss. ALL of our floss packaging is 100% plastic-free, and is compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. 

Make the switch to Organic Toothpaste for good measure. Less chemicals for your body is always the right choice. RADIUS® Toothpaste is USDA Organic and is 100% free of nasty additives or chemicals, and it comes in delicious flavors like Mint Aloe Neem, Matcha Mint, and Clove Cardamom.

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Less chemicals in your body, but also no pesticides used to make the organic ingredients means no contamination of the groundwater that feeds animals and supports ecosystems. Refreshing, right? Plus, the plant-based tube is and always has been fully recyclable. Patting ourselves on the back here to be able to say we’ve long been making recyclable toothpaste tubes when others have not.


Brushing your teeth does not require the water faucet to stay on while you brush. Wet your toothbrush, turn off the water. Brush. Turn the water back on to rinse. Simple. This goes beyond brushing your teeth. Save water with shorter times the shower or bath water is running, efficient washing machines and toilets, and water your lawns only when necessary and in the coolest times of the day. 


Single use is a no no because it puts too much waste into our landfills. How do we combat that and make a difference? Easy. Buy recycled items and recycle items that are recyclable. You can upcycle, too. Give new life to items that otherwise would have been thrown away. RADIUS does this with our Source™ toothbrush, for example. Materials like soda pop bottles, wood fibers and US currency are upcycled to make the toothbrush handles. Make a conscious decision to reduce the amount of single-use plastics and other materials you buy, use and throw away. 


At RADIUS®, our products have always been recyclable. Depending on the type of product we’re making and the type of plastic needed we use plant-based plastics that are derived from things from renewable timber to natural material filled polypropylene plastic. Polypropylene is non-toxic resin the Environmental Protection Agency considers a safe choice. Beyond that, RADIUS® is in the process of moving to an even better option, a Green Polyethylene derived from sugar cane. 

We are getting closer and closer, improving every step to improve products for our world. We are on a mission, so mount up, let your cape soar and join us every day.