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Details Designed for a Better Everyday

Apr 14, 2021

We are on a mission to make every day better. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, pet care and accessories…these are the smile care products we rethink and reimagine to deliver a superior product for humans, pets, and the planet. 

It all comes back to working towards a better everyday. It’s immensely more than corporate jargon framed in a conference room somewhere. It’s how we tackle each and every product, material, and process at RADIUS.  

Details, details, details. The seemingly miniscule differences, sometimes unseen and unknown differences, are meaningful to our mission. Started by an architect, we set out on a mission to make everyday objects that are more effective for people and more sustainable for the environment.

We are committed to a reduced footprint, so, whenever possible, we use recycled materials in our products, and make sure we are doing what we can to make our products recyclable and landfill-biodegradable. 

Our factory in Pennsylvania allows us to have a hands on approach. We see and control the details and make sure our quality control meets the highest standards and that we’re living up to our promise for sustainability.

It’s not by chance that you’ll see these badges displayed on our products. 

  • PETA Cruelty-free
  • ADA Accepted
  • USDA Organic
  • Made in the USA
  • Recycling
  • Biodegradable
  • EcoPure®

We work hard to earn these so you, and the planet, can benefit the most. 

Take a glance at a few of the RADIUS details that make a world of difference for you, our customer, and our lakes, oceans, and landfills.



We started by solving an everyday problem with a simple object, the toothbrush. In a sea of false claims and silly features, we took the approach of creating a product that’s more honest and works better.

We engineered a toothbrush with ergonomic design and luxury materials that cleans better, feels better in your hand, and treats the planet better with a focus on sustainability. 

Adult RADIUS Toothbrushes are made with EcoPure®, which makes them 100% biodegradable in landfills. They do NOT have BPA or PLA. 

The Big Brush™, Source™ Brush, and TOUR™ Travel Brush have replaceable heads, which reduces plastic waste by 90%. Those brush heads are large, too, equating to cleaning more surface area for both teeth and gums. 

For harder brushers, RADIUS designed the Flex™ Brush. Made from latex-free rubber, its flexible neck provides the give and take to make brushing comfortable and effective.

Adult toothbrushes come in right handed and left handed options. Now that’s a detail the lefties can really grasp and appreciate. 

For younger brushers, RADIUS child toothbrushes include a baby toothbrush (Pure Brush™), a toddler toothbrush (Totz® Brush and Totz® Plus Brush), and a kids toothbrush (Kidz® Brush).

You’ll find rounded corners and ultra-soft bristles in the Pure Brush™, specifically designed for babies 6+ months old. Plus, it’s free of BPA, dyes, and harmful chemicals.  

The fun colors to choose from in our kids and toddler toothbrushes, plus the handle thoughtfully designed for the perfect little grip, are details little brushers (and parents) love. 

We didn’t leave out the pets in your life, either. For pets and critters big and small, keep those canines (and felines) sparkling. 

The no-slip grip on the pet toothbrush is another one of those design details we didn’t let slip past us. 

Our toothbrush handles and heads come from sustainable materials and are made with EcoPure®. Using substances like these are better for the environment than average toothbrushes. And, all of our toothbrush bristles are vegetable-based nylon, which are soft, gentle and super effective cleaning your teeth but yet another sustainable difference that’s better for the environment. 



Sometimes, what’s missing from the ingredients list is as important to acknowledge as what’s in the ingredients list. With RADIUS Organic Toothpaste, there are ZERO nasty additives or chemicals. Zero bad stuff, and only the natural, good stuff to get the clean, fresh mouth like you’ve just left the dentist’s office. 

First off, the light, natural foam you get while brushing with RADIUS Toothpaste is an exhilarating difference.

We intentionally select ingredients for flavor combinations that wow our customers. Mint Aloe Neem, Matcha Mint, and Clove Cardamom for the adults. For the kids, Coconut Banana and Dragon Fruit get two thumbs up.

Speaking of kids toothpaste, it has erythritol to fight cavities in lieu of fluoride and has rice powder and coconut oil for whitening while it cleans. 

Dogs deserve good flavor, too! So RADIUS Organic Canine Dental Gel has organic ingredients like sweet potato, cinnamon, and coconut oil, which means no unhealthy additives for your furry friends either.



Talk about details - RADIUS Floss is packed with details that make a difference. From the plant wax coating for the smoothest glide in between teeth to the biodegradable silk spun in Colombia, we’ve put a lot of care into making sure your oral care is truly better every single day.

Our floss sachets for on-the-go oral care might be one of the most fun details yet. These pre-measured paper packets are changing the way people think about floss! 

RADIUS toothbrush and floss

RADIUS vegan floss is made with erythritol for extra-cavity fighting moxie.

We offer flavor in our floss: refreshing mint, delicious cranberry, peppermint, vanilla mint, clove cardamom, green tea jasmine, and unscented.

RADIUS is a packaging pioneer. All flosses are packaged in 100% plastic-free packaging. 


We’ve taken our promise to make products for a better every day and applied them to accessories, too. RADIUS travel cases include a toothbrush case, soap travel case, tampon case, condom case, and even a razor case. 

Cases are made with recycled plastic and EcoPure®, like our toothbrush handles and heads, meaning they are 100% landfill-biodegradable and recyclable.

Our patented living hinge technology makes for easy opening and a snap lock for secure closure. 


Even our toothbrush holder is thoughtful down to the last detail. The Doc has a suction base so you can stick it to hold your brush vertically or horizontally. You can even put The Doc in the dishwasher. And, this sucker is made with EcoPure® and is recyclable!

As you can see, at RADIUS, the details matter. Inspired by nature, we design each item with purpose for a better you & a better world. 

We are proud of the steps we’ve taken so far and the products we’ve created. We will carry on to continue our promise to design products for a better every day and a cleaner world, down to every last detail.

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