Gel vs. Paste

 What's the Difference?


      Organic coconut water                                        Organic coconut oil base
       Blend of herbal extracts                                         Blend of essential oils 
     Smooth, gel consistency                                       Light, paste consistency


We have a strict NO NASTIES policy

                        NO Fluoride                                NO Carrageenan

                        NO Preservatives                       NO Artificial Flavors

                        NO Sulfates                                NO GMOs 

                        NO Glutens                                 NO Dyes

                        NO Parabens                              NO BPA

                        NO Saccharin                             NO Cruelty 


Lather Doesn't Matter

Foam and suds don't mean clean. They are created by chemicals like SLS or SLES.  Our sulfate-free toothpaste offers a light, natural foam that is safe & squeaky clean.


No Neon Nasties

You won't find any artificial dyes or colors here!  Just the color nature intended.


Say Toodaloo to Terrifying Texturizers

We don't believe in a consistency controlled by chemicals.