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8 Videos of Pandas Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Oct 16, 2020

At RADIUS, we are all about the SMILES.


Any day we can brighten yours is a job well done in our book. 


Right now, most of us could use a little extra boost to bring those smiles back. That’s why today we decided to share some uplifting advice taught to us by pandas. Because...why not? Pandas make life better.




From @pandaworldph


THE LESSON HERE: Tire-d? Don’t fret. Right now, we’re all functioning at less than our full potential. The reason? There’s this thing called ‘surge capacity’, which is basically our adaptive response to acutely stressful situations. However, when that stressful situation is extended for long periods of time, such as is the case with this pandemic, our adaptive coping mechanisms are gradually depleted leaving us feeling drained and without the necessary reprieve from the situation to replenish our resources. Want to learn more about this phenomenon? Read here


Basically, if you want to spend a little extra time hanging out in your safe space, it’s totally ok. You’re not lazy, just a normal human being dealing with 2020. We’re all there right now. You are just fine where you’re at. 


From @pandakias


THE LESSON HERE: Sometimes  it can be hard to find your voice. The solution? Snuggles…and finding a friend you trust who will really listen to what you need to share.


From @pandatothepeople


THE LESSON HERE: Some days, a hug from mom is all you need. Whether your 2 or 42, we all need that big momma bear hug sometimes. Cheers to all you mommas out there giving out the great hugs! We know your job isn’t always easy, but know that there’s no replacing the love you give.


From @pandatothepeople


THE LESSON HERE: A hang in the hammock can make all the difference. We all need a little R&R time, even if it’s just 15 minutes of eating your favorite snack, kicking your feet up, and playing your favorite tune. Treat yourself!


From @animals.love.18


THE LESSON HERE: During stressful times, it can be tempting to chow down on junk food, but it’s important to stay healthy! Keep forgetting? Keep some healthy food on hand at all times like this smart panda. Even pandas know the power of the almighty carrot. Did you know that carrots, beyond being a great source of vitamin K, potassium, and antioxidants are also GREAT for your teeth? 

From @cutefunnyanimalvideos


THE LESSON HERE: Even momma bears get scared sometimes. Don’t worry, mommas, your secret is safe with us! The world can be scary, but you are strong for doing what you do!


From @purelypandas


THE LESSON HERE: Get your dance on. Even if it’s not Friday night and the clubs are closed anyway. It’s worth it. We promise. Blast that funky music, shake your butt, and remember that dancing can still make you feel awesome.


From @katpandanetwork


THE LESSON HERE: Some days you may be fighting an invisible enemy. It’s ok. Keep fighting. It’s not always easy for people to see our internal struggles, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Fight the good fight. We’re behind you.


One more ‘invisible enemy’ you might not know your body is working hard to fend off? Plaque! There, we can help you out. Get your plaque-busting, gum-massaging award-winning toothbrush today!


(We know it’s not a ‘panda panda’, but it’s cute so it counts!)

THE LESSON HERE: Someone might look intimidating to you, but to someone else they might just be a cute little red panda. People are complex and right now, when stressed out, we all might be putting on our toughest persona. Inside most of us, though, there’s someone you might just want to cuddle. 

We hope our little panda escapades today made your smile just a little bit bigger.

Remember: even when the world feels un-BEAR-able, there’s a panda somewhere out there hanging out in a hammock, munching on a carrot. This world might not be so bad after all.