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15 Smiling Dogs to Make You Smile Today

Aug 24, 2020

Smiling Dogs to Make You Smile Today


That’s why we’ve taken the extra step to create oral care products to take care of your whole family’s teeth….right down to your canine’s canines.

We know the whole world is going through a tough time right now, no bones about it.

That’s why we decided today to bring a little happiness to our readers by featuring 15 of our favorite pups -- from Instagram celebrities to pups that are part of the RADIUS family!

So sit back, relax, and let these wonder-pups take you to your happy place :)


Social media isn’t always positive, but something great it’s brought to our lives are the many, many, many pup pictures! Here are some of our absolute favorite doggo insta-hams:


Smiling Dogs to Make You Smile Today


If you don’t know these two insta-celebrities yet, you do now! Watson and Kiko (together known as @wat.ki) are brothers and best friends that have taken Instagram by storm. Here you can see Watson giving Kiko his trademark hug. Kiko recently lost his leg to cancer, but has been recovering well with a little help from his new puppy sister “Time”, a hedgehog named “London”, and lots and lots and LOTS of love from Watson.



Gentleman. Stye icon. Doggy Don Juan. These are just a few descriptions of RADIUS influencer @stewie._.boo. A therapy dog who loves his ‘snackies’, balls, and occasionally wearing a debonair tophat, he is….the most interesting dog in the world. 



Graceful. Powerful. Utterly at the mercy of a field full of flowers. Loki the “wolfdog” (@loki) is the ultimate connector between man and nature. He and his brother “Poki” regularly pose above quotes that alternate between the inspirational and the hilarious.


This is Po of @kungfuaussies showing us what it looks like when your smile is too big for your face at @stretchy_dogs. Po “aka Dragon Warrior” is an adventurous soul who loves taking on the sea and the great unknown with his best friend Tigress - also an Australian shepherd!



Ah, Princess Rose. Such a classy gal. Ok, ok, so maybe the snot and tongue don’t scream ‘class’ but we sure think this lil’ lady in a bow is worthy of her ‘princess’ title. Princess Rose and her best friend “King Majesty” (@kingmajesty_and_princessrose) regularly storm Instagram with their cute costumes ranging from watermelon hats to luau to lion and much, much more.


MisTricks (@mistricks) and Pearl (aka Golden Girls if they were Havanese mutts) are too-cute-to-handle with their big bows and bigger hearts. Had a bad day? Take a page from these gals’ book and have a laugh with your best bud. 


One of our proud RADIUS influencers (@tedisarah) has this wonderful pup, Pani, shown here enjoying her RADIUS Canine Organic Dental Kit! Pani is a rescue pup from NYC who not only rolls through town in his doggy wheelchair, but is #bestfriends with a bunny, Hank, and loves to chomp down on the occasional banana. We mean, really? Can you get any cuter?


Today, we thought we’d take you behind the curtain to share with you the furry friends that are part of our RADIUS family. Below are a few of our favorite pics, along with descriptions and compliments of their RADIUS pup parents!



This is Gemma. She’s 7 years old and belongs to Judy, a Lead Machine Operator at RADIUS. She is very energetic, loves to give kisses, steal the cats food, and protect her humans from the evil leaves.



This 4-year-old Golden Retriever is named Zoey. She belongs to Amanda, the Sales and Marketing Administrator for RADIUS. Her mom calls her a ‘goldfish’ because she is obsessed with water. She also loves to play ball and thinks she’s an 80 pound lapdog. 



Ella is almost 7 months old and belongs to Tina, the Shipping Assistant at RADIUS. She loves to snuggle and give kisses.



Often imitated but never replicated, this is Julep Roux – the protector of our International Sales Manager, Devan. Not to be confused for an Ewok from Star Wars, she was born in Australia and now calls the red, white and blue her forever home.



This dynamic brother duo is Rocco and Remy.  Their owner, Rachel, is the Administrative Assistant at RADIUS.  These two pups LOVE naps, food, and belly rubs!


Jazzmine is a 4 year old Corgi/Aussie mix. She belongs to Joanne, a RADIUS Production Team Member for over 5 years. Jazzmine loves people and has a great personality!



This beautiful boy is 5-year-old Bordie. He belongs to Tammy, the National Sales Manager for RADIUS. He loves long walks, especially to chase the rabbits and squirrels, and he’s fiercely loyal to his Momma.

This handsome guy is 12-year-old Bones. He belongs to Katie, the copywriter for RADIUS. His favorite hobbies are playing frisbee at the beach, eating blueberries, and staring into the very depths of your soul.





Since you can’t think of a dog without at some point thinking ‘squirrel’, we’d like to also introduce you to our sassy RADIUS influencer @momo_our_squirrel_girl seen here lovin’ her RADIUS Big Brush.

And that’s all we’ve got for today!

Got a pupperoni you want to keep smiling? Don’t forget to pick up your Canine Organic Oral Care Kit, tailored to your dog’s age, for the best and best-feeling clean.


One more thing: Remember, even when the days get ruff, these doggos are still out there smilin’. 

As long as dogs are still around, the world is going to be ok.