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Do you offer a "send back" recycling program?

Mar 23, 2017

You've heard of these programs, right? Customers send their used product back to the manufacturer who say they’ll happily recycle it and make it into a bright and shiny new product. That sounds great, doesn't it? Well it turns out those types of programs are (in our opinion) a little too good to be true. Years ago we actually looked into a recycling program just like that and after doing some extensive math, we found that it actually took more energy to return the product to us than it did to manufacture it in the first place. Hear us out... if you take into account the return fuel (UPS trucks need gas after all), the material for the box used to send it, and then the energy it takes to make it into a new product, package it, and resend it out to retailers, it basically defeats the purpose of an eco-friendly recycling program.

We believe that using a sustainable manufacturing process and making products out of earth-friendly materials that last longer but can be easily recycled by the user in the end, will benefit the environment more than sending it back for us to “recycle.”

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