Green for the Right Reasons

At RADIUS®, we take a holistic approach to designing and manufacturing our products, examining every step of the process — from prototyping and manufacturing to distribution and disposal — to ensure it's rooted in sustainable decisions that reduce our carbon footprint.

We begin the design process with a 360-degree evaluation, giving due care and consideration to the entire life cycle of each and every product before we begin creating it.


Birth: Can we manufacture it efficiently? 

Manufacturing right here in the USA, in our own RADIUS factory, gives us complete control over production from start to finish, ensuring quality stays where we want it to be — the best of the best.

how we manufacture our organic products

We make, package and ship all our own products small batch-style on low-energy machines, recycling imperfect items and eliminating waste as much as possible. Materials are hand-selected to ensure that no heavy metals or carcinogenic substances find their way into our products. Primarily we use bioplastics, which are derived from renewable biomass sources (like vegetable oils and timber), agricultural byproducts, or even used plastic bottles. They’re better for the environment, as well, requiring less fossil fuels and energy to produce (resulting in fewer greenhouse gases). 


Life: Will it last longer than the average?

RADIUS toothbrushes are designed to outlast most run-of-the-mill alternatives, thereby producing less waste. Our Big Brush has 300% more bristles than an average toothbrush, making it effective for up to nine months compared to the average three months.
radius the source organic toothbrushThe Source™, on the other other hand, allows the user to  replace worn heads with a new one when necessary,  eliminating the need to throw away and replace the entire  brush. Their impressive longevity is due to a combination of hard-wearing materials and smart design, which prevents the bristles from wearing down so quickly. You save money, and together we help reduce energy consumption and waste in our landfills by decreasing the need to manufacture more products.


Afterlife: Will it eventually go back to the earth?

What happens after a RADIUS design is spent is also a concern of ours. The thought of our products and their packaging sitting in a landfill makes us cringe, which is why we always consider the end of a product’s life before we begin making it.
Not only do we re-purpose recycled materials to create our brushes, holders and cases, where possible we make them compostable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable, too. 






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