Love from Oregon...

May 05, 2017

I went to the dentist today (4/21) and hadn't been since last July.

There was nothing for the hygienist to do in my mouth.  There was no tartar, no plaque.  She poked, took measurements, polished my teeth, called the dentist over.  The dentist poked around and looked at my x-rays, and then gave me a pat on the back and went on to work on another patient.

This is what happened last July, too, which was why I felt okay about taking some extra months to get back into the dentist's office.

I am a hard brusher by nature, and the RADIUS toothbrush causes me to slow down and brush all surfaces in an even way. I had some earlier problems with abrasion before I began using a RADIUS toothbrush. Now, I'm able to brush more softly and more effectively.

Thank you!

- Cathy in Oregon