Good for the Canines...

Oct 19, 2015

You may have no interest in making toothbrushes for dogs, but let me tell you my story. I have personally used your toothbrushes for many years - the standard ones the dentist gives you just seem too teensy to do the job right, plus clean and stimulate your gums. Anyway, I have struggled (and largely given up) brushing my dogs teeth for years. As they get older, they are needing to have their teeth cleaned annually, which is expensive, but also frightening since dogs must be anesthetized in order to clean their teeth.  Being put "under" is always a risk, be it for dogs or people. So, I had an extra RADIUS toothbrush and I decided to try it on my hounds - it works fantastically - because the head is so large I easily can get their teeth, especially the large molars. And I can get top and bottom all at once. It is so much easier than using those tiny toothbrushes that are actually made for dogs. I have only focused on the molars because that is where the tartar buildup has been very bad. I showed my veterinarian the toothbrush and she was very excited about it. She told me she has been telling all her clients with large dogs about it. It would probably not work for the smaller breeds, but I use the spare RADIUS toothbrush on my hounds every time I brush their teeth and I think I can delay, maybe forever,  the next teeth cleaning by the vet as a result.


Gillett, PA