My husband and I love your product...

Nov 25, 2008

My husband and I love your product! I stumbled upon it about 6 years ago and at first my husband laughed at me but he too fell in love. It may be an odd statement to make about a simple tool like the/a toothbrush - but the RADIUS Toothbrush functions well because of its physical design. The idea behind it along with its shape has, at least for my husband and I, created the most astounding toothbrush ever.

Seriously though, the RADIUS Toothbrush is the only toothbrush my husband and I use. My husband is left-handed and considers the designation between right and left handed designs to be more thoughtful of the company than its intent of functionality for its correct use. I rather enjoy all the colors.

Any attempt we make to use a normal or different toothbrush always results in us saying to each other words such as ""puny and pathetic."

Thankful to have squeaky clean teeth,

Tiffany Boyd

Anaheim, CA