My husband has had dental problems for years...

Apr 17, 2009

My husband has had dental (gums) problems for years! He has appointments with his dentist every 3 months, goes thru various agonies, plaque accumulations, etc. I began using the RADIUS toothbrush approximately 16 years ago, see my dentist once each year, no cleaning necessary and no actual "work" or repairs either.

I finally convinced others in my family to "try something new" a few years ago -- to their surprise and astonishment the RADIUS was life-changing. My husband loves it! The kids were a little more difficult to convert, but they now ask me to "order more" even though they're adults.

I can do this [buy more RADIUS] with the money we save on dental bills!!

It is an amazing health tool.

Most sincerely,

Linda Schwartz

Redlands, CA