I just want to say...

Mar 01, 2012


I just wanted to say that, today I received me new RADIUS brush ordered from your web store. I'm a longtime advocate of the RADIUS brush and though it appears they've become hard to find in my area, the online store has saved the day.

I opened the box inside the post office in my little snowy village of Walpole, NH, and to the wide-eyed wonder of the two women in blue behind the counter, I expounded on the better brushing experience I've had with RADIUS brushes over the years.

I have no idea how business is, if it's expanding or contracting, being marginalized by whatever mega-corp is currently controlling the global toothbrush market but no matter what, I'd just like to attest to the reality that one happy guy held his SCUBA aloft in a village post office in Walpole, NH, and sang your praises.

Thanks for the opportunity. Keep it up.