WOW! - these are the smartest toothbrushes...

Sep 02, 2014

WOW! – these are the smartest toothbrushes I've ever seen. Not sure why it took humans so long to come up with such a nice design, but it's actually gotten me excited to brush my teeth! The key is the huge head. I also appreciate all the attention to the Left Handed People – sometimes we get left behind by the Rightists. I'll be a customer for life – love it! Plus the floss is a smart package too. Very nice job! This stuff is so much better than the standard.

Ciao, Mason 

Mason Bates is a distinguished American composer of symphonic music. Bates is best known for his expansion of the orchestra to include electronics. One of the most-performed composers of his generation, he has worked closely with the San Francisco Symphony and currently holds the position of composer-in-residence with the Chicago Symphony.

You can purchase his music on Amazon or on www.masonbates.com