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What You Should Know About Glycerin

Jul 25, 2019

We here at RADIUS are on the constant hunt for the best sustainable ingredients for our toothpastes. Glycerin is often made from palm oil, but do you know how devastating it is to the environment and wildlife?  According to National Geographic,

"Palm oil is now the world's most popular vegetable oil, accounting for one-third of global consumption." 

Each day acres and acres of rainforests are being obliterated to make room for plantations to grow the oil palm trees.  Animals species like the orangutan, Borneo elephant, and the Sumatran tiger are being stripped of their habitats and many are becoming closer to extinction.  We decided to source our glycerin from mustard seed instead.  Mustard plants are often grown in vineyards as a cover crop because they repel insects and fertilize the soil when plowed down.  Mustard plants are very easy crops to grow and harvest.