What Does Coronavirus Have to Do With Toothbrushes?

What Does Coronavirus Have to Do With Toothbrushes?

Right now, Americans are rightly concerned about the Coronavirus. Some good news first to quell your anxiety: prevention is possible with healthy habits! Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, maintain a good distance from people with outward flu or cold-like symptoms, and avoid unnecessarily touching your face. 

Another safety practice you might not think about?

Regularly change out your toothbrush!

Especially if you’ve had any cold or flu-like symptoms, mouth sores, or a sore throat of any kind, it’s important that you change out your toothbrush as those pesky germs like to hide out in the bristles. Following your dentist’s advice, you should refresh your bristles every three months. That means that right now, even if you have been feeling healthy all winter and had just replaced your toothbrush before the Coronavirus hit, you might be on the hunt for your next toothbrush.

best toothbrushes made in america

Now here’s the problem: many toothbrushes are made in China including major companies like Colgate, which boasts the largest toothbrush factory in the world in Sanxiao, China. This is an issue. Why? For one, Time Magazine recently released a report that the new Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for up to three days and we don’t know who has had contact with our product before it gets to us. This is especially critical when it comes to products that we regularly put in our mouths

Secondly, at the moment, getting toothbrushes from China is also a matter of availability. With everyone worried about transmission, ports are closing to Chinese cargo ships, so the companies that rely on Chinese source materials, large and small alike, have a disrupted supply chain which has drastically slowed their business. To give you an idea of just how dependent we are on source materials from China, Procter & Gamble, one of leading U.S. corporations that produces everything from Pampers to Pantene has no less than 387 suppliers in China and is expecting a significant hit in its profit this quarter. Other countries like France, which depend heavily on China particularly when it comes to pharmaceuticals, are encouraging their companies to rethink their ties with Chinese raw materials altogether. 

Where do we go for our dental needs from here?

Oral care products are also largely manufactured throughout Europe, notably in countries such as Italy and Croatia. Given that Italy is now the epicenter of the European outbreak, we can count that out. COVID-19 is not as pervasive in Croatia, but the country sources many of its materials from China meaning that it is similarly impacted by the aforementioned supply chain fiasco. Relying on Croatian toothbrushes could mean your three-month change-out could turn into a six month change out…and no one wants that, particularly on date night.

So, what’s next? Resort to waiting it out?


Of course not. There is a BETTER solution. 


RADIUS makes toothbrushes right here in the USA. Our products boast five-star reviews and premium quality: soft bristles, a consciously-engineered large grip, and nifty colors. We as a company are committed to a family-first approach that you can depend on to prioritize the health of your loved ones. To that end, we also have brushes for the kids and even Fido and Mittens, so the whole family can have a healthy smile.

Here’s the kicker: RADIUS is a vertically integrated company with U.S.-sourced materials which means our supply chain is completely under our control and we can manufacture IN-HOUSE without relying on outside companies. Translation: no supply chain disruptions and you can still get your toothbrush every three months with safe materials made right here in the USA. However, with our patented design that has 300% more bristles than the average toothbrush, RADIUS brushes can last up to 6 to 9 months.

As an added benefit, supporting and sustaining business within the USA is critical to the health of our economy, especially as our businesses and trade have also been affected by the outbreak. Even if the economic turmoil is not long-lasting, what’s the harm in helping to stimulate our economy through purchasing a USA-made product, right? As our personal thank you for buying a U.S.-made product, we’ve committed to free shipping for all U.S. orders.

But is it sustainable?

Take heart! RADIUS prides itself on not only having a quality products, but using natural, environmentally-friendly materials with a low carbon footprint that are free from harmful BPA. We even have replaceable toothbrush heads, so you won’t be unnecessarily replacing the entire toothbrush every time you need to change yours out. We also have a USDA-Certified organic toothpaste you can purchase right alongside your brush to ensure your day begins and ends with a dental routine you and your family can feel good about.

The Coronavirus does make us rethink our everyday habits, not just because of the potential health ramifications, but because it disrupts the global economy. However, there is something that we can do about it. As Americans, we can start by supporting companies that both source materials and manufacture in the U.S. Companies like RADIUS that not only value quality, but have worked to create an eco-conscious, organic, healthy product for you and your loved ones, human and furry alike.


Great product that truly cares about the health and wellness of its customers? That’s RADIUS.