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To Foam or Not To Foam

Feb 17, 2017


That’s the question, isn’t it? Do you really need a good lather to make your toothpaste more effective?

The answer to that is no, no you do not. Equating foaminess with cleanliness is all in your mind, put there by years of shampoo commercials showing people having the time of their lives while washing suds out of their hair.

The truth of the matter is that foam is typically caused by chemicals (like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) that are added to your shampoo or toothpaste just to make it foam.

It’s not necessarily cleaning any better, it’s just making you think it is. Now don’t get us wrong, there are also natural ways to make foam but those products (like our toothpaste) will have low foam. A super frothy lather is most likely chemically induced.


When we were formulating our organic toothpastes, we thought a lot about foam. It goes without saying that we would never include any chemicals, but we did think about the fact that people like foam because it makes them feel cleaner. It may be a mindset, but it’s a mindset that people enjoy…and we’re all about adding joy to the mundane tasks of daily life.


We researched many different natural and organic foaming ingredients and ultimately decided on organic soapberry. Soapberry is a natural foaming agent that has been used in oral medications in traditional Chinese medicine. Oh, and it has natural antibacterial properties, too. So it’s a win/win.


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