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The Forever Brush™ is Changing the Way You Brush

Jul 09, 2021

It’s true, this toothbrush collection will change the way you brush your teeth. It’s also changing the way we treat the planet. How can a little thing like a toothbrush make a difference? Here’s how: it’s designed to stay in your hands and out of landfills all while being made with sustainable materials that give you superior brushing for teeth and gums for a better clean. 


The Forever Brush Collection is made up of these fabulous toothbrushes all designed for you to keep the handle and swap out the head when it’s time to replace it. Think of it as your Forever Brush because you can keep the handle forever but keep getting a fresh-from-the-dentist clean.


  • Just like a "forever home" you can expect these fabulous products to last the test of time. And if you do one day decide to move on... well these eco-friendly Forever Brushes are landfill biodegradable!  Enhanced with a new technological advancement, a material called EcoPure is added to all our resins to ensure breakdown in landfills. That is only IF you decide to move on but as we know, when you find your FOREVER BRUSH, you have found your home! You can feel great about it and no guilt when you move on!  

    Each of these artfully crafted brushes also come in a variety of cool colors and feature RADIUS Replaceable Head Technology. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You just replace the head instead of the entire brush. It’s amazing how much impact that has on landfill waste. It reduces waste by 90+% when you hang on to the handle and pop in a new head when the bristles have done their duty. 


    Speaking of bristles, RADIUS bristles are made with vegetable-based nylon. That’s important because it’s one way we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. 

    There are two head size and style options for The Forever Brush™ Collection: 

    Looking for the supersized, gum massaging wide oval brush head, then the Big Brush Replaceable Head is for you. This replacement head and all of its 6,500 bristles give a gentle, effective clean for the teeth and gums and fit into your favorite handles. The replacement head snaps right into each of our Forever Brushes. (One thing to note if you are on-the-go, once you snap this Big Brush head into the Tour Brush, it’s a little too big to close into the nifty handle that doubles as a carrying case.) 

    If you prefer super soft flossing bristles tapered to get closer to your gumline or you like medium bristles with rounded ends, then you’ll love shopping the more slender Source™ and Tour™ Replacement Head 2 Packs. They have a longer neck for reaching trickier to reach spots with its 4,500 bristles designed for an amazing clean. This replacement head fits into ANY Forever Brush. If it’s the size you love, just pop it in your Tour, Big Brush, or Source for the best clean every time. Mix and match to suit your personal preference.
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    Using the Replacement Head, 90 out of every 100 toothbrushes escape the fate of the landfills. Let’s do quick math on that. 7.6 billion people in the world x 4 toothbrushes a year (because average brushes last about 3 months) = 23 billion full toothbrushes thrown out each year around the world. Designed to last longer and reduce the amount of waste thrown out, RADIUS could impact that number by 20 billion toothbrushes. We’ve got some work to do to spread the word, people! In the meantime, we’ll keep helping the planet one tiny toothbrush head at a time.  

    And don’t forget the convenience of our subscription option. You can set up your replacement head packs to arrive at your doorstep at whatever monthly increment you choose.


    It truly is incredible what goes into the Forever Brush Collection - literally. Let’s start with the Source™ Brush and its innovative upcycled materials. You can choose from these crafty options that redefine and extend the end-of-life of some common items: 

    • Soda Pop Bottles (aka Soda Pop Eco-grind)
    • Hemp
    • Dollar Bills
    • Wheat Starch
    • Coconut Shells
    • Maple Wood



    Who would have thought a plastic soda pop bottle could be reimagined into an everyday item you can use over and over and save that bottle from stacking up in our landfills and oceans? RADIUS did! These toothbrushes are a serious source of inspiration. 

    The Tour™ Brush is a space saving travel delight. There’s no need for a case because this brush’s hideaway design allows it to fold within itself. No case needed. The hinge design and hollow plant-based handle does the trick so you pack it and go for a sanitary travel toothbrush and case all in one. It’s made with cellulose, a renewable plant based timber resin ...and landfill biodegradable, too. 

    We can’t forget the brush that started the concept of The Forever Brush. The Big Brush with Replaceable Head is ergonomical (with a righty and a lefty option) and made from renewable timber. A RADIUS favorite, this toothbrush is a game changer.

    It changes the way we look at throwing away our toothbrushes. It changes the awful trajectory that 1 billion toothbrushes pile up in landfills in the US each year. It changes the expectations of how exceptional oral care should be. 

    Choosing RADIUS will change your oral care routine for the better, FOREVER, all while looking out for the environment to make every day better. 

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