Do You Have Everything On Your Big Kid’s Back-to-School Oral Care Supply List?

It’s back-to-school time again. The time of the year we are forced to trade out flip-flops and swimsuits for sneakers and bookbags. Carpools take the place of lazy mornings and late-night movies will turn into study sessions. Summer is a blast and we hate to see it go, but it also has a habit of putting our kid’s oral care routine on the back burner.  

RADIUS wants to make sure your big kid starts off their school year right! We give parents everything their child needs to make their back-to-school oral care a breeze – for everyone – and not just another “to-do” they roll their eyes at. 

So, while your hopping from store to store for graph paper and the “must-have” lunchbox of the season, don’t forget to pick-up our oral care essentials. They are all-natural, BPA-free, USDA and ADA certified, landfill-friendly, and tasty! (The perfect make-up for brighter smiles, smaller landfills, and easier mornings.)

The Must-Haves For your Child’s Back-to-School Oral Care List:

  • Big Kidz Replaceable Head Forever Brush– (For ages 6-12) This brush is the first of its kind for your one-of-a-kind big kid! It makes brushing easy and fun for your big kid while providing all the health and safety features parents love.
  • The Replaceable head gives our earth a big high-five by cutting waste in our landfills by 86%! And saves you time and money. 
  • No more rushing off to buy a new toothbrush every month! Just switch out the replaceable toothbrush head and keep the cool handle to use over and over again!
  • Non-toxic and free from BPA, lead and phthalate– giving parents and the Earth a sigh of relief. 
    • Multiple colors with mix-match options– giving your big kid a wide array of color combos to choose from. (Because we know first hand how kids love to change their minds!)
    • Non-slip handle and slim neck- perfect for lefty’s and righty’s. This feature helps them conquer those hard to reach places with ease – giving them a stronger sense of independence too!  
    • Super soft wide bristle bed– with a wider bristle bed they can get a gentle more efficient clean in less time.
    • Replacement head 2 pack– Suppperrr convenient to have on hand when it’s time to switch out their BPA-free, eco-friendly Big Kidz Toothbrush!
      • Cut back on waste, spending, and trips to the store.
      • Fun mix and match colors.
    • Kidz Toothbrush– (Ages 6+) Our BPA-free kid toothbrush is supersized, super-safe, and perfect for small hands.
      • Complies with the dentist-recommended 45-degree brush-to-tooth angle.
      • Enlarged thumb-and-palm design makes it much easier for small hands to grip and control.
      • Wide oval brush head improves gum health by gently massaging the whole mouth, keeping mouths clean and brushing fun.
      • Comes in 6 fun colors to match your kids vibrant personality.
      • Super soft vegetable-derived bristles for a gentler clean.
    • All-natural Dragonfruit Toothpaste it’s tasty– not nasty. (No, seriously we mean it.)
      • Our all-natural toothpaste won the Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine and the Top Choice of the Year award.
      • It’s also organic, all-natural, USDA certified, and 100% free of chemicals, pesticides, glutens, florides, GMO’s, parabens, detergents, and synthetics. 
      • Sugar-free- Instead, we use erythritol, an alcohol sweetener, which is also a cavity fighter and safer than fluoride. 
      • Additional flavor favorites include matcha mint and coconut banana. 

    Busy Life? Easy Oral Care Subscriptions.

    As parents, we know life can get busy and out of control during back-to-school time. It can be a challenge to remember to buy a new toothbrush every 6-8 weeks. That’s why we offer easy service subscriptions for our biodegradable toothbrushes, all-natural toothpastes, and biodegradable vegan flosses.  

    Just choose which all-natural, eco-friendly oral care products you know and love and pick the delivery schedule to fit your needs– ranging from every month to every 12 months. 

    There is absolutely no obligation and you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime– and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

    But we know you and your kiddos will love us!

    Start The School Year Off Right With a Healthy Smile.

    Give your big kids the tools they need to succeed in managing their oral care routines. From new found independence to shrinking landfills- RADIUS prides itself on small daily improvements that make HUGE impacts over time. Their dentist and the Earth will thank you later.

    Let your big kid take the reins on their smiles and brush the way they really want to brush. Check out our whole kids oral care line here. 

    RADIUS– for the Earth and your big kids too!