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How to Clean Your Toothbrush

May 01, 2015

The human mouth is home to more than 200 strains of bacteria, which inevitably also live on our toothbrushes. But don’t fret! Over half of these little guys are actually beneficial to our immune systems and overall health.

The American Dental Association® (ADA) doesn’t recommend doing anything extraordinary to clean your toothbrush, but here are some basic maintenance and care recommendations to consider:

1. Replace your toothbrush (that's right, toothbrushes don't last forever). If you have a  common toothbrush, the ADA recommends replacing it every 3-4 months.

But if you have a RADIUS Toothbrush you can go 2-3 times longer before you need a whole new one. 

Our vegetable-based nylon bristles have much more longevity than your average toothbrush. Or if you have the Source™, just replace the head.

2. Don’t share toothbrushes. Doing so can increase the risk of cross-infection between individuals
3. Rinse off any toothpaste residue and allow your brush to dry in an upright position (The DOC™ is perfect for this).
4. Avoid storing your toothbrush in a closed container for prolonged periods of time, as moist environments can encourage bacteria breeding rates.


 Follow these simple tips, and your toothbrush is sure to stay cleaner  and more effective, longer.



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