14 Memes Every New Mom Can Relate To

You’ve waited so long to meet your little one. Now that they’re here, you should be smack-dab in the middle of the most magical time of your life. Right? RIGHT?!?

….well maybe not allllll of the time.

Look, at RADIUS, many of us are parents ourselves and we get just how hard it is to be a new mom. And there is A LOT they don’t tell you about before giving birth. To help you through this special (and challenging!) time, we thought we’d share some of our favorite memes and gifs that every new mom can relate to:



When Youre Expecting Canadian GIF by CBC

Yes. Unfortunately it seems like every hour on the hour you get a wake-up call from your little angel. Don’t worry...someday they will be a teenager and sleep in until noon. One day, you will have sleep again.




Is there an off button on this thing?!? Oh, yes, you’ve tried what feels like every single trick in the book to get your lil’ pumpkin to stop screaming their head off. And juuuuust when you’re about to call the pediatrician to tell them you think your baby might be broken, they finally fall asleep and are the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen in your whole frickin’ life...convincing you to do it all over again 20 minutes later. Welcome to Groundhog Day.



How You Feel After a Night With an teething Toodler 

Let’s get this straight: teething can be horrific. However, we put together a list of 13 great teething hacks that can get you through those long, long nights and de-zombify yourself!



That Moment When It's so Normal You Keep Talking

This is normal, right? Expect new norms. No mom thought they would do this either... but here we are.


It This Self Care  

Yes. Alone time is *mostly* done. And it’s only going downhill from here, mama. The good news is that every moment you get alone will be a GLORIOUS celebration of life. Now who can teach a self-help seminar on the power of gratitude? That’s right. You can.



Your friends, your neighbors, that one checkout lady too polite to say ‘no’ at the grocery store….they’ve all seen the pictures. And, yes, unless they’re sociopaths they know your kid is cute as all heck. But maybe put a limit on the number of photos you whip out….like 2 per conversation. Alright 3. We know, it’s hard to resist.



Look, we get it. No one tells you just how sore and dog-tired breastfeeding will make you. How much time it will take out of your day. We’re here to tell you that if we can make it through, you can too.



Individual emotions no longer exist. Now they’re just a tangled mess of fear, ecstasy, sadness, love, despair, giddiness and maybe some small exhaustion-induced hallucinations. Don’t worry. It’s totally normal.



 Yes. Your clothes change. It’s a fact. The good news? You no longer care what people think! Congratulations on overcoming this decades-long psychological hurdle. You warrior woman you.



The other bit of good news is that when you do get a chance to go all out you REALLY go all out. Embrace the Beyoncé in you. You deserve it. You QUEEN.



Don’t make eye contact. They know. They always know. There’s no shame in self-preservation.



Look, we hate to break the news, but ‘pregnancy brain’ does not always end when pregnancy ends. Some days you will be ‘on it’ like nobody’s business….and some days not so much. Be patient with yourself. You brought a whole lil’ human into the world.



Kids get into things. Lots of things. You may need to re-learn a few basics. Fun fact: hand sanitizer can also help remove permanent marker. It’s a 2-in-1 pandemic life hack for moms everywhere!



It might not be normal to other people, but it’s normal to parents. We understand and we got your back. Welcome to the club.

We hope these gifs and memes help you through this time. We know it’s tough right now, but we’re here to tell you: you’re doing a great job.



One more thing! When baby’s teeth start coming in, we’ve put together some good advice here on what to expect and how to take care of their incoming chompers. We’ve also made a super-duper soft, BPA-free and dye-free baby toothbrush and organic baby-safe toothpaste so your kiddo stays healthy and happy!