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What are the USDA standards for organic products?

Feb 09, 2017

Not all organic products are created equal. There's various levels of "organic" and certain requirements from the USDA for each level.

Our toothpastes are at the certified level which requires at least 95% organic ingredients. Fun fact: Our toothpastes are actually 98% organic... because we're over achievers like that.

But not everyone is on our level so here's the basic gist of what "organic" means according to the USDA:

  • “100% Organic” If you see this it means that the product contains 100% organic ingredients (excluding salt & water) and may use the USDA seal and/or a “100% organic claim.” The organic ingredients must be identified on the panel.

  • “Organic” If you see a product labeled “organic” it means that at least 95% of the ingredients (excluding salt & water) are organic and the USDA seal may be used. It may be stated that the product is “organic” and the organic ingredients must be identified on the panel. Our certified USDA Organic Toothpaste falls under this category.

  • “Made with Organic...” When you see this on a product it means that it contains at least 70% organic ingredients. The product cannot have the USDA seal and cannot be labeled as “organic.” When labeling the product, it can say “made with organic...” and there may be up to 3 ingredients or categories mentioned. A blanket statement of “made with organic ingredients” cannot be made.

So, to sum it up, not all organic products are created equal. Know your labels.



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