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Why do you package your floss spools in plastic dispensers?

Jun 30, 2015

As much as we try to be environmentally friendly as possible, there are certain things that we cannot change - like FDA laws for example. The reason all of our floss spools are packaged in an inner recyclable plastic container and then put in a cardboard package is because floss is considered a medical device by the FDA and they require it to be packaged in a plastic container when sold in traditional retailers such as grocery/drug. Since we sell in both natural stores and traditional stores we must abide by this law. We are always looking for new, innovative, green ideas for packaging and are actively looking for alternatives including separate packaging for natural retailers. One alternative that we offer is our Floss Sachets. It’s the exact same floss as our spooled floss except it’s packaged in single-use travel size quantities. Each sachet has enough floss for one use and you can purchase them in packs of 20. These are packaged in biodegradable paper. The reason we can sell this floss in a non-plastic container is because the paper sachets are air-tight and that’s an acceptable alternative for the FDA (we are also looking at this idea for our spools). 

We encourage all of our customers to please recycle the inner #5 plastic container.


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