RADIUS solves toothbrush holder dilemma

The DOC® - multi-use suction holder is the newest member of its designer family

KUTZTOWN, PA October, 2011 – This fall, RADIUS is proud to present the newest wonder child to join the RADIUS family--the DOC®: multi-use suction holder. The DOC® epitomizes the essence of RADIUS design--clean, thoughtful eco- and ergo-innovations bent on changing the scope of the everyday mundane.

When developing the DOC®, RADIUS approached the problem of many modern toothbrushes not fitting in traditional holders in the same innovative way, by asking ‘how can we make this better?’ The bathroom accessories world has been slow to catch up to the ever-increasing handle sizes as highlighted in an aptly titled New York Times article, “Brushes to Set Teeth on Edge.” The DOC®, however, fits and grips toothbrushes of any size and shape. It’s also more versatile in respect to location. Consumers can now keep their toothbrush wherever they like to brush: suction it to a shower wall, on the side of a bathroom mirror or upright, next to the sink faucet.

The DOC® is also a convenient place to hold hand towels, razors, hairbrushes, kitchen spoons, sponges, iPods and anything else you want easy and organized access to. The suction base works on any smooth and clean surface and the DOC® uses EcoPure® additives so that it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

“Our company is known for questioning the logic behind structured, illogical acceptance and asking why things are the way they are,” said RADIUS CEO Saskia Foley. “RADIUS toothbrushes and now the DOC® embrace the evolution of the dental hygiene and personal care accessories world and are the first of their kind to break the mold, both literally and figuratively.”

Often equated with toothbrushes, RADIUS turned the category on its head by throwing out traditional toothbrush standards and developing a unique toothbrush that makes brushing easy, comfortable and fun. RADIUS steered away from the thin stick handle shape dating back to when people broke twigs off the Neem Trees to chew on and clean their teeth, opting for a large handle that’s more comfortable to hold and maneuver. They also vastly increased the size of the bristle head, which had never been done, making it easy to massage the gums while brushing and cover more surface of your mouth in a shorter amount of time.

“After years of listening to our customers, we don’t care where they brush their teeth, as long as they are brushing in the first place,” commented Foley. “Our job is to make it as easy as possible for them to improve their dental health, which increases heart health and overall heath as well.”

RADIUS is a 27 year-old family-owned consumer products company. It is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty toothbrushes and complimentary products, including toiletries’ travel cases and dental floss. RADIUS is a leader in the natural products industry in personal care and is renowned for its combination of innovative designs, premium materials, and eco-conscious manufacturing that redefines ordinary personal care products with the goal of enhancing the quality and enjoyment of everyday routines. The company is vertically integrates, design and manufacturing, inspecting all of its products by hand. Parallel goals of promoting energy-efficient manufacturing and a focus on a clean and cutting-edge design presence sets Radius apart from the rest.