Why This Toothbrush is the Must-Have Stocking Stuffer of 2020

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer?

    Look no further. 

    RADIUS Big Brush Toothbrush with Replaceable Head is not only conveniently sized to fit in any stocking, but it’s guaranteed to give your loved one a fresh new smile for a fresh New Year. (And, after 2020, most of us are looking forward to that fresh New Year!!!).

    So, why are these toothbrushes so fa-la-la-fantastic?

    People LOVE us

    …..And not just people you know, but celebrities who have access to the best of the best. We’ve been used by Miley Cyrus, Charlie Puth, Martha Stewart...and even Steven Tyler! We mean, how cool would it be to tell your friends: “I use the same toothbrush as Steven Tyler”! Answer: Pretty darn cool. 

    Want to see what other stars love us? Read about RADIUS Red Carpet features here.

    But, never fear! The celebrities aren’t the only ones showing off their love for RADIUS. Here’s what other “non-celeb” folks are saying about RADIUS Big Brush with Replaceable head:

    Why This Toothbrush is the Must-Have Stocking Stuffer of 2020

    Rami says, 

    “Can’t live without this toothbrush! I can honestly say my life is divided into 2 eras:

    1- Before I started using the RADIUS toothbrush;

    2- After I purchased my first RADIUS toothbrush.

    This toothbrush is perfect for everyday use. I always used to find the fact that brands focus on making thin and small toothbrush heads (to market their ability to clean with "precision") quite silly. When you brush your teeth in the morning, you're not going to play 'dentist'. No one holds a dentist kit and brushes meticulously as a dentist would. We have busy lives and need big toothbrush heads that will give quick yet complete coverage of the teeth and gums, and that is EXACTLY what a RADIUS toothbrush does. Thanks to its big head and soft bristles, your brushing experience is about to change forever. Never again will you be able to switch back to those old tiny toothbrush heads. Finally, the material is of very high quality so the toothbrush will last you at least 6 months based on your brushing pressure and usage frequency.”

    And Jess says:

    “This is my absolute favorite toothbrush! It holds up so well over time. It's comfortable to hold and use. I feel my teeth stay cleaner with this toothbrush more than any other. I think it's more effective at brushing than even expensive electric toothbrushes. I love that it is eco- friendly as well. That's a huge benefit. It's just the best toothbrush ever!”

    And, if those great reviews don’t convince you, try this: 94% of people who try RADIUS, decide to buy RADIUS again. Proof positive that it’s awesome!

    It’s all about that brush head.  

    Our Big Brush with Replaceable Head features a supersized head that offers maximum coverage and, as you can read from the comments above, feels great on your teeth and gums. Basically, more bristles=better brush. The increased bristle count and consciously designed fanned bristle bed and round bristle shape allows for less individual pressure on each bristle. Less pressure means a gentle, non-abrasive clean. Not only that, with 300% more bristles than your average toothbrush, this brush lasts several months longer than your standard grocery store brush head.

    ….But the feel, clean, and longevity aren’t the only awesome aspects about this brush head! The Big Brush Replacement Head also features vegetable derived bristles and, because it’s replaceable, it reduces plastic waste by 90+%!

    Think you can handle this awesomeness?  

    One of the most remarkable features about the Big Brush with Replacement Head is its handle. This handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip customized for right and left-handers. Why make a brush for handedness? The angled handle with grooved thumb indent not only feels good, but it actually helps to angle the toothbrush at a dentist-recommended 45 degrees for a more thorough and gentle clean. Get to the hard spots with ease!

    Like the brush head, the handle is also designed to be eco-friendly. It is made with renewable timber on low-emission machinery and made to be recyclable.

    Why This Toothbrush is the Must-Have Stocking Stuffer of 2020

    Big Brush, Low-Impact. 

    By now, you might have noticed a theme: we made the Big Brush with Replacement Head not only for a better clean, but for a better earth. To that end, like all of our plastics at RADIUS, our Big Brush with Replacement Head is made with EcoPure®, which means that it is biodegradable in landfills. 

    The Big Brush with Replacement Head is also PLA-Free. What does this mean? Polylactic Acid is a polymer popular among ‘eco-friendly’ oral care companies because it has some biodegradable capability. However, there are several issues with PLA, among which include its temperamental nature in landfills which means it can take hundreds of years to decompose if not put in the exact right conditions! Learn more in this article.

    But this toothbrush is not only PLA-free, it’s also BPA-free! BPA is a common chemical additive to plastics that mimics hormones and can lead to a whole host of reproductive, immunological, and neurological issues. As you can imagine, BPA also has a toxic impact on wildlife surrounding landfills.

    At RADIUS, we always hold our materials to the highest standards. In fact, we hand-select our materials so there is no inclusion of heavy metals or carcinogens. We also make sure to steer clear of all nasty additives such as GMOs or paraffins.

    Color us AMAZED!  

    Don’t forget that the Big Brush with Replacement Head also comes in six beautiful (and creatively named) colors to choose from! Pick your toothbrush personality: White Marble, Midnight Sky, Purple Galaxy, Gold Satin, Seashell Coral and Ice. Who do you want to be in the New Year?

    Order today and it ships out within 48 hours!

    Within 2 days after you order, RADIUS toothbrushes will be in the mail and on their way to you!* With an average of 5-7 business days in shipping, you have plenty of time to get your brushes in time for Christmas. But don’t wait too long. At RADIUS, we’re quick…. but not around-the-whole-world in one night quick ;). 

    *RADIUS only ships on business days and not on weekends or holidays.

    Pick up your ‘must-have’ stocking stuffer today! 

    Psst…. want that extra taste of Christmas all through the New Year? Be sure to pair the Big Brush with Replaceable Head with our Clove Cardamom toothpaste that one reviewer says, “Literally tastes like Christmas!”

    Why This Toothbrush is the Must-Have Stocking Stuffer of 2020